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Trains powered by hydrogen. Earth movers powered by electricity. Big engines made efficient with big data. All once ideas. All now reality. 

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0 million connected engines worldwide

0 metric tons of filtration media produced in 2020 for global mask manufacturers

0 patents granted in 2020, a new company record

0 million metric tons of CO2 to be reduced through science-based goals by 2030

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Mask up

We leveraged our filter technology to produce 146 metric tons of filtration media for mask manufacturers around the world. 

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Smarter engines

We’re making big engines more efficient with big data through our advanced engine computing module.

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The electric school bus

We’ve collaborated with Blue Bird to deliver the first vehicle-to-grid school buses in North America. 

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Brightest Bulbs podcast and webinars

Looking to understand the latest innovations in energy? Look no further than Brightest Bulbs — our podcast that delivers insights on emerging power technologies. Join our host Thomas Hillig as he leads the conversation.

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