Sustainability, Plus Performance.

Rooted in decades of research and innovation, Cummins is at the forefront of low-carbon technologies.

As leaders in battery, fuel cell, and hydrogen-production technologies, we’re steering the way to a brighter tomorrow. Today.

Advantages at a glance

The benefits of low-carbon energy are a breakthrough: performance to meet your needs, zero emissions at point of use, and easily integrated and scalable solutions.

Zero Emissions

Our hydrogen fuel cells and battery-powered options produce no carbon dioxide or greenhouse gases while in use, making them sustainable, emission-cutting options.

Workhorse Efficient

Hydrogen fuel cells convert energy directly, making the technology an efficient option able to compete even with fossil-fuel powered alternatives.

Reduced Service & Maintenance

From no oil changes to zero smog checks or spark plug replacements, all-electric vehicles offer maintenance-free motors, eliminating downtime and costs.

Decreased Noise

The silent nature of battery power means job sites can work early mornings and evenings while neighborhoods enjoy a decrease in motor noise.

Road Warrior

Thanks to their high energy density, fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) can go great distances and excel even with heavier loads.

No Recharge, Rapid Refuel

Filling up an FCEV takes about as much time as topping off a typical fossil fuel-powered car or truck, making it ideal for high-utilization vehicles.

Reduced Infrastructure

Because they don’t require fast-charging stations, FCEVs eliminate the need for significant power connections and local energy storage.

Reliable Power Source

Fuel cells are grid-independent, which means they’re excellent power backups for hospitals, banks, and data/telecommunications centers where outages can be vital.

Low-carbon energy.

Low-carbon energy in the field

On-road and off, commercial and industrial, Cummins is the driving force behind the world’s most innovative low carbon energy-powered vehicles and applications—equipped to power all your needs, large and small. 

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Innovations in Focus

Worldwide, Cummins has over 500 electrolyzers in operation, and over 2,000 fuel cells powering hundreds of vehicles. The stats speak for themselves. Cummins has the technology and real-world experience to fuel the future.

Public utility leverages Cummins electrolyzer for green hydrogen.
Largest PEM Electrolyzer in the United States

Cummins using hydrogen technology to enable renewable energy for public utilities in Washington state.



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Cummins employee shows solid oxide fuel cell .
Cummins leads in SOFC technology

Cummins is quickly becoming the leader in a power technology for commercial and industrial uses that could be an important bridge to a carbon-neutral future and beyond.

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Alstom's hydrogen powered passenger train.
Hydrogen fuel cell trains accelerating

Cummins-powered hydrogen fuel cell trains are heading further down the track in Austria.



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