National Overhaul Warranty®


An overhaul warranty that goes the distance.

Quote An Overhaul With a NOW® Warranty

National Overhaul Warranty® (NOW®) is an extended warranty protecting your Cummins Genuine Overhaul. Eligibility for NOW® coverage requires the purchase of an engine overhaul kit and cylinder head. We recognize that when you buy Genuine Cummins Parts, durability is at the top of your mind. With the right protection, our parts can keep you and your equipment on the road with added peace of mind. We’re excited to share our NOW® program for MidRange and heavy-duty engines, which covers the following inspected and/or replaced parts:


Replacement Parts (COVERED)

  • ReCon Cylinder Head
  • Pistons and Piston Rings
  • Cylinder Liners
  • Crankshaft Main Bearings
  • Connecting Rod Bearings
  • Necessary Gaskets & Seals
  • Bypass Valve

Inspected Parts (COVERED)

  • Cylinder Block
  • Crankshaft
  • Camshaft
  • Connecting Rods
  • Rocker Lever Assemblies
  • Push Tubes
  • Intake Manifold Cover
  • Air Intake Connection
  • Exhaust Manifold
  • Lubricating Oil Pan & Suction Tube
  • Oil Pan



x15 heavy-duty engine


2 year / 200,000 miles
3 year / 300,000 miles*

Available on the following heavy-duty engines in the United States and Canada: 

  • M11/ISM
  • N14
  • ISX transit bus and truck engines

*With purchase of Elite Overhaul Kit

Quote An Overhaul With a NOW Warranty
ISB medium-duty engine


2 year / 100,000 miles

Available on the following medium-duty engines in the United States and Canada:

  • 2010 and older ISB, B Gas Plus, C8.3, ISC, C Gas Plus and ISL automotive engines
  • 2013 ISB and ISL automotive engines
  • Tier 3 QSB, QSC and QSL industrial engines
  • Tier 4 QSB and QSL industrial engines
Quote An Overhaul With a NOW Warranty

NOW® coverage starts when the vehicle is sold, or the end user takes possession of the unit. If the vehicle is not sold to the end user within one year or 500 miles of the NOW® overhaul, whichever occurs first, the engine will not qualify for NOW® coverage nor does NOW® coverage begin automatically.

For a comprehensive view of our NOW® coverages available and pricing, please reach out to your Cummins NOW-certified service provider.

Genuine Cummins Overhauls

Cummins Genuine Overhaul Kits are only made with genuine Cummins parts, engineered specifically for your engine and backed by all Cummins authorized repair locations in the event of failure. Only Cummins certified repair locations can offer NOW, which can cover replaced and inspected parts for two- or three-year options.

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