Heavy-Duty Truck

You can have it all with the 2021 X12 and 2021 X15 powertrain lineup from Cummins. With a focus of uptime, total cost of ownership and ease of operations, the Cummins heavy-duty platforms bring you the best 15-liter and 12-liter engines yet. Starting with the most reliable 15-liter ever produced, to offering EX ratings for enhanced driver performance, the X15 and X12 give you the confidence needed to improve your business without sacrificing anything.


Designed for the medium-bore market, the X12 brings the next level of efficiency and productivity to customers traditionally operating 11-13 liter powertrains. When combined with the Endurant HD transmission, customers will benefit from the lightest integrated powertrain option on the market and will see class-leading maintenance intervals.

X15 Efficiency Series

Optimized for linehaul and regional haul applications, the X15 Efficiency Series with EX Ratings sets the standards when it comes to over-the-road powertrain efficiency. 

X15 Productivity Series

If you need access to continuous power for the most demanding applications, the X15 Productivity Series provides up to 605 horsepower when using Performance Series hardware, and up to 500 horsepower when using the Efficiency Series hardware. The Productivity series is ideal for use in multi-purpose, vocational, or heavy-haul applications.

X15 Performance Series

The X15 Performance Series has been optimized for premium linehaul and/or heavy-haul customers that demand more than 500 horsepower. Starting at 525 horsepower and offering up to 565 horsepower with 2050 lb-ft torque the Performance Series will help you one of the first vehicles up the hill.




X15 Efficiency Series

X15 Productivity Series

X15 Performance Series

Horsepower (Kw)

350 – 500


430-500 (321-373) with Efficiency Hardware

565-605 (421) with Performance Hardware


Peak Torque

1350-1700 lb-ft

1650-1850 lb-ft

1650-2050 lb-ft

1850-2050 lb-ft

Peak Torque RPM



950 with Efficiency Hardware

1000 with Performance Hardware


Governed Speed RPM





Ideal Applications

Linehaul / Regional Haul / Weight Sensitive / Vocational

Linehaul / Regional Haul

Multi-purpose, Vocational, Heavy-haul, Premium Linehaul

Premium Linehaul / Heavy Haul / Vocational

Engine Weight (dry)

2050 lbs
(930 kg)

2961 lbs
(1343 kg)

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