Distributed Generation

For over 20 years, trends in the energy market have been driving the change from centralized generation solutions to that of distributed generation across all energy markets – and Cummins is prepared to meet these demands on a global scale.

No matter the varying or unique circumstance, we offer flexible and modular solution sets with common building blocks to provide resilient, diverse and sustainable distributed generation solutions that not only provide customers distributed energy resources but that also impact monetization opportunities.

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From in front of the meter grid firming solutions, to behind the meter energy management as well as complete off-grid solutions, Cummins provides extensive industry-leading solutions for the expanding demand for power and to prepare the global energy landscape for a sustainable and affordable future.

By developing and designing energy ecosystem solutions across six continents to meet the specific needs of each individual and unique energy market, Cummins provides flexible and modular options of distributed energy resource systems that help utilities defer expensive transmission upgrades and save customers money by reducing the cost of using energy during peak usage times. How? By offering integrated system solutions that include:

  • Fast Start Gas Gensets, improving current lean burn of natural gas genset performances to achieve faster start times and diesel-like performance.
  • Stationary Energy Storage Systems, commercializing proven battery technologies to meet customer needs in several applications and varying regions.
  • System Controls, providing energy system controllers to maximize power usage while maintaining power reliability.
  • Energy Modelling, leveraging Cummins expertise in power system solutions to design, optimize, and monitor complex power applications.

A Complete Distributed Generation Ecosystem


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Our full power product suite of gensets, controllers, and stationary energy storage systems provide both front-of-the-meter and behind-the-meter solutions that allow for grid firming from 5MW -20MW and energy management and sustainability from 60kW – 5MW, supporting any specific demand in distributed generation.


Cummins ensures all key components are designed, manufactured, and assembled to the highest degree of performance in the industry. For distributed generation applications, this level of assurance translates to a measure of reliability and fail-safe performance that is unparalleled. This also means that specifiers and owners have only one point of contact for their entire power system, saving time and simplifying integration and after-market support.

With a 100-year-long track record of delivering leading power solutions we look ahead to a future committed to bringing our customers the right technology at the right time. With locations in over 190 countries and territories and over 60,000 employees worldwide, we are developing and designing products across 6 continents to meet the specific needs of each individual and unique energy market.

Through strategic partnerships, deep industry expertise, and a commitment to innovation and sustainability, Cummins powers a world that is Always On.

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