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Building diversity, equity, and inclusion

It must start with each of us, and it must start now.

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A Business Case for Diversity

Cummins is synonymous with integrity, diversity, equity and inclusion, caring, excellence, and teamwork. These values are the backbone of our company. We know diversity, equity and inclusion is our crucial strategic advantage.  It is critical to our ability to innovate, to win in the marketplace and to create our sustainable success.  

Our leaders create an outstanding place to work, inspiring and encouraging all employees to achieve their full potential. They seek a diversity of perspectives, styles and strengths to ensure sustainable high performance and create better outcomes for our customers and the company. Cummins employees come from different backgrounds and experiences and are each unique in their perspectives and passions. They bring a rich variety of languages, insights and skills to their work.  As a company we are united in our relentless desire to see a world, a workplace, a team where all people are embraced for who they are and who they aspire to be.  

Our collective vision is to innovate for our customers to power their success. In striving to achieve this vision we are subject to external factors such as changing demographics, the rise of remote working, the tension between globalization and the resurgence of national interests and borders, customer expectations, and government regulations which have the potential to significantly affect the way we do business now and in the future. Our global customers have differing needs and demand innovative products and business solutions and we’re subject to a broad array of regulations that drive technology choices.   

As a global organization operating across various geographies, Cummins success in meeting these challenges will be fueled by a diverse and inclusive workforce. We know that an inclusive work culture unleashes the full benefits of our diverse workforce by empowering people to bring the best version of themselves to work and realize their full potential. An inclusive work culture enables us to leverage the strengths of our diverse workforce to better respond to and anticipate the complexities of operating on a global scale. Our differences, when fully leveraged, drive innovative solutions for our customers and enable our mission of powering a more prosperous world.  

Meeting the challenges of the future takes intentional, hard work from each of us. To meet the challenges of the future and derive the greatest benefit from diversity and inclusion we must do the following: 

  • Create a workforce population with representation that is similar to the markets in which we operate.
  • Demand that the workplace is safe and inclusive for all, enabling employees to bring their whole selves to work.
  • Create the right environment which encourages all employees to best use their talents to innovate for our customers. 
  • Leverage our influence to promote diversity and inclusion in the communities where we operate.

"We all have a role to play in calling for greater accountability from our government, from law enforcement, our neighbors and ourselves. What we have today is simply not enough. We need to work together to root out hate and replace it with a deep and abiding appreciation for diversity, equality, and inclusion. It must start with each of us, and it must start now."

- Tom Linebarger, Chairman and CEO, Cummins Inc.
- Dave Ricks, Chairman and CEO, Eli Lilly and Co.

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